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Green living and the gear and gadgets that enables it, this is what this website is all about! Since we are high consumers of such things we often do product research to avoid ending up with something we regret buying. We thought that since we spend so much time and effort doing research why not share the results with everyone. Having a good website helps us get the research results out to everyone and good article writers ensures that the information is easily accessible and informative.

We have also built a software platform that collects huge amounts of product data for the selected products. This data is then crunched through cutting edge AI to generate detailed reports and analysis. Once this is done the Human side takes over to review and make an other pass of analysis of the data. We think that doing several passes of analysis and using both humans and computers to do the product research is the best approach. This is a new time saving and effective way to tackle the veritable jungle of products, hype and marketing we are overwhelmed with as consumers.

Who We Are.

Product researchers, article writers and software developers. We all share the entusiasm for green living and technology. We may differ in life styles; urban, off the grid or contry side, but we all believe that the right equipment can make your life better.

Our Mission.

Bring easy accessible, high quality guides and product research to all consumers! You should not have to spend hours and hours researching a product, we can do that for you. We set out to accomplish this using both human expertise, research and analysis coupled with computer software to help with the data gathering and the heavy lifting.

Our Vision.

Is to help as many people as possible to make good and well informed purchases. Through our guides we also want everyone to get help to critically examine products before they buy them. Explain what to think of and what to look for when comparing products, both in general and specifically for a certain product.

Our Values.

We do not think it is fair that more often than not you end up dissapointed with your new purchase. We also believe that everyone do not have the time and resolve to make thourough product research. This should not make you end up decieved or dissapointed when you spend a lot of money.

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