Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you conduct your own product tests?
If not, why?

A We do some tests but we do not have the resources to buy all products we research. Since we research dozens or even hundreds of products for each article we only end up buying and testing the top picks our research produce. Jungle Sentry have focus on product research and we collect and analyze the wealth of tests, reviews and ratings that already exists on the internet. This way the results become less subjective and are based on much more information.

Q What is in this for you?
I can not see any ads, click baits or similar things.

A We believe ads lowers the user experience and can make a page cluttered and confusing. Since we want to provide a high quality service we do not host ads. We are an Amazon affiliate so if you buy a product we list from them we get a small commision. We also always do the research for products that we are interested in buying ourselves. So that is a huge benefit for us personally.

Q How is the product research conducted?

A Very simplified, this is what we do: First we decide on a product group that we are interested in and have experience of. Then we decide a set of parameters. I.e. price range, size, specification, performance etc. We then decide what the most important features are, what to look out for and how to recognize the products quality. Next we search for all products that match those criterias. Then we go through all products one by one collecting data about it. We fetch reviews, tests, ratings and discussions. The last step is to analyze all this data and to find the consensus. Sometimes there are more than one product that stand out or different products stand out in different areas.

Q What makes you qualified to make product recommendations or write guides?

A The product research is done by very experienced researchers and the posts are made in cooperation with article writers. Our best credential is however that we put a lot of time and effort into the research. We spend countless hours collecting data from the internet and sometimes other sources. The data is always analyzed in at least two passes, depending on it's size.

Q Do you get products or other merchandize for free for your tests? If so, will this not make you biased or even forced to write a good review for them?

A We do not get any free stuff at all. Simply because review sites that get "free stuff" are forced to write biased articles about them.