RAVPower vs Anker Power Banks

  • Jul 29th 2018

If you have done product research for power banks you have probably come across the brands RAVPower and Anker. This is not surprising since both have a wide assortment of power banks and both manufacturers provide excellent quality products. If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re looking for the power bank that best suits your needs. So, what are the differences between the two brands and which one is better?

RAVPower vs Anker, which one is better?

We have broken this comparison up into 4 parts:
  1. Pricing and affordability
  2. Recharge time
  3. Overall quality
  4. Warranty and support

Pricing and affordability

Since both RAVPower and Anker got a large selection of power banks of varying capacity it is pretty easy to compare them. The property that should be the same when comparing is capacity or ampere hours (Ah), often written as mAh (milliampere hour, which is simply Ah * 1000). When looking at power banks from RAVPower and Anker with the same Ah, RAVPower is the most affordable hands down.

Recharge time

It is preferable to be able to fully charge your power bank as fast as possible. Anker got higher performing components and charge much more quickly than similar RAVPower models. The best Anker models got a technology called PowerCore II which is based on Qualcomm Quick Charge and are able to charge twice as fast as RAVPower. As an example, compare these two 20000 mAh power banks:

We have a clear winner in Anker when it comes to recharging time and performance.

Overall quality

Anker has an overall high quality of all internal components but also a very polished exterior. Everything from the casing to buttons and cables looks and feel very high quality. RAVPower is saving on these parts and offers only cheaper plastic and not much polish at all. This is not surprising since they need to cut all costs possible to be able to be much more affordable than Anker. That being said, RAVPower’s power banks are by no means garbage, they are just not as polished as Anker’s. As you can read in the next section, RAVPower offers an extended warranty and we see this as a good indicator that they manufacture high-quality products.

Warranty and support

Both manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty on their products, but RAVPower offers an additional 18 months warranty if you register your product online. The registration is completely free and there is no reason why you should not do this. RAVPower comes out as the clear winner in this category.


  1. RAVPower is more affordable. You will get more capacity for your money.
  2. RAVPower has longer warranty than Anker.
  3. Anker power banks have better components and recharge almost twice as quickly
  4. Anker got more polished products, with a better look and feel.
Both Anker and RAVPower are a solid choice when you want a high-quality power bank. If your budget allows for it we recommend that you get an Anker, since the faster recharge times can really come in handy. If you just want a good power bank at an affordable price we recommend that you get a RAVPower. If you are looking for a more sturdy power bank that is weather- and water-proof, read this article about The Best Portable Power Banks for Backpacking and Hiking