BLAVOR Solar Power Bank Review

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Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight, Compass, Solar Panel Charging (Light Blue,10,000mAh)

About BLAVOR Solar Power Bank

Meta score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

We believe the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank is an excellent power bank. When we performed the testing of the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank we were blown away with how good it really is. The BLAVOR Solar Power Bank is manufactured by a company called BLAVOR but the item is shipped from a nearby Amazon fulfillment center which makes for faster and safer delivery.

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Specification for BLAVOR Solar Power Bank

  • Qi Wireless & Solar Power:10,000mAh wireless power bank with solar. Not just wireless power bank but wireless charger as well compatible with iPhone XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled mobile devices.
  • Friendly Reminder on Solar:kindly know that solar charging is an additional feature, Taken the small panel size, large capacity and uncontrollable sunlight intensity into consideration, the solar charging option works as a backup solution while other sources of power is unavailable. Make sure the power bank is fully charged before your trips.
  • Extensive Tested Charging Times:The charging times of the solar phone charger have been extensively tested. Itself can be fully recharged around 6hours with 5V/2A adapter, It can charge iphone7plus up to 2.2times, iPhone X up to 2.3times, iphone8 up to 3.5times.
  • Sturdy Durable and Compact Size:the portable charger is made of premium ABS materials and lithium polymer battery, highly sturdy and durable. Its equipped with two USB, type C, dual flashlights and a compass kit. Light weight and compact size.
  • Dual Flashlight & Compass Kit:The solar phone charger is built with dual bright flashlight, and comes with a portable compass kit, a handy tool for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.

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Check out BLAVOR Solar Power Bank at Amazon now

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The consensus of the reviews for the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank is very strong and we can draw no other conclusion that this is one of the very best power bank on the market. We list the most helpful reviews below. If you want to look at all the reviews for BLAVOR Solar Power Bank you can see them at

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Whaaat? Now Fixed
Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2018 by John M. Mathieson

"After reading all the reviews I expected this to be a great product. What I found is that it would not charge even from a 2amp charger. The device was left on the charger long enough that it should have charged. Of course the lights did not work and the Qi also was defunct. Send back for exchange. Also the cute little compass that came with it was 90 degrees off. :-( Disappointed since I really like the concept. Since returning the unit, the contacted and I agreed to try another one. This one worked great. Tested charging my tablet with a Qi unit which took about the same time as my wall charger. The battery then was used charge my cellphone from 35% to full and Blavor unit still had plenty of capacity left to run my Raspberry Pi for 4 hours. Overall my latest unit fits what others have written about it. Works well and is a good buy. Even the little compass that came with it works correctly. My first unit was defective, but seller came thru with working unit. Good seller as well."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great Quality & Extremely Versatile
Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2019 by Andres

"The product has great build quality - it feels great in the hand and has a rugged shell to protect it from falls. The rugged shell is also made from a non-slip material that allows the product to stay in your pocket without having to worry about it falling out. This is extremely useful for me when I go bike riding or on extended walks as I do not have to worry about it slipping out of my pocket. This power bank can charge in two ways: 1) through the solar panels on the top of the product 2) through the included microusb charger. The charger is obviously much quicker, however it is extremely convenient to be able to charge it wherever you are which is definitely the selling point of this power bank The power bank can charge devices the following ways: Type-C USB, USB, MicroUSB, and the wireless charger. I've tested all the inputs and they work as expected. The wireless charger works on both Apple (XR) and Samsung (s8) devices and can charge about 2-3 phones to full battery on a single charge. In addition to charging, the power bank includes a compass and a flashlight. The compass can be clipped to the side of the powerbank or on anything else like a backpack or belt loop. The flashlight is bright and can be turned on by holding down the power button for 3 seconds (hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it back off). This powerbank is a great versatile product."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Solid battery, bright light, good capacity.
Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2019 by Pita

"I bought this as a backup to have in the car but I think it will get more use. I charged it up and wanted to see how much it could handle. I took out some completely dead old phones. It charged up a LG v10, a htc one m9 and my current LG g6. The LG g6 was about half dead. It filled them all up and the battery was on empty by then. Charging took about 4 hours and charged at 5.25 volts and 1.9A on the USB tester The instructions say it would take over 50 hours to charge off the solar panel so maybe 1/4 full per day. You could get about a full charge of an average smart phone in a little more than 11 hours of direct light. Not optimal but it's there. Oh yeah, the torch light is bright as heck. Don't look right at them."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Good quality and works - well
Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2019 by Tom Adam

"This is a first impression review..... I just received the product and tested all the features. I'll return to this review section in a few months and rate the durability once I've used it extensively..... Product arrived two days before the promised date. It was well packed and had no damage. It was, to me, easy to operate all the functions. It charged my Galaxy Note from 70 percent to 100 percent wirelessly in about 12 minutes right out of the package. The flashlight(s) worked well and are of sufficient brightness to be useful. Solar charging works and recouped one bar in about 45 minutes in direct sunlight. Unit feels rugged, is very non-slip to hold, is of a size that easily fits in a pocket, has intuitive change indicators, and has no loose components or rattles. If it holds up over time, which I no reason to believe it won't, I'd say it's a hell of buy!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just As Tough As Your Adventures Ahead of You!
Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2019 by Hien & Bao

"This portable battery didn't fail to amaze me as I have encountered countless portable batteries before. But never before have I thought of having an outdoor battery would immensely change my perceptions, about taking a practical and rugged portable battery. Because of its toughness and practicality - Splashproof IPX4, you could really splash water around this bad boy and it'll still serve you right. - Dustproof, have taken it to the beach before and it's unfazed by the sand - Shockproof, in the worst case that you mishandled the battery, it will survive but try not do this too often! - Solarpanel, this is self-explanatory and it could be really useful under right circumstances such as hiking, trekking, etc. all day long with the battery exposed to bright sunlight will charge it amply and be ready for usage at night where electricity might be scared. If no sunlight is available, you could charge this bad boy the regular way using any port available. - Wireless charging, this is a killer! The fact that you don't have to plug in the cable and have every tangled is definitely great. Just leave your device on top of the designated spot and watch it charge seamlessly (thick case might interfere though) This bad boi has everything you possible needs and then some. It even include a little compass, which is super cute and super thoughtful. This really shows that the manufacturer and designer put thought into it and include something that would be so meaningful to the end users. In the end, you couldn't really go wrong with a portable + solar pannel + rugged + wireless charging capable battery, right?"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I like it
Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2019 by Drew

"On opening this product my first impressions were very favorable. It has a very sturdy feeling and I really like the black and orange coloring. It also comes with a compass that can be attached using the included carabiner. There are two LED lights that would be very convenient in a power outage. Overall I really like the feel of this power bank. The unit came fully charged and I immediately plugged it into my phone and charged it up. It charges very quickly. My phone has an extra large 36 hour battery so it takes a little longer than a normal phone but it charged it up very quickly. I recharged this unit by plugging it in using my phone charger and cord with no problems. It seems to recharge very quickly also. I use this on a day hike. It was very handy and didn't weigh a lot. I was able to attach it to my backpack to allow it to charge while I was hiking. I had fully charge it before I left but just in case. I purposely use the GPS on my phone and some other features to run down my battery. I did plug my phone into this power bank and charged it right up in just a short time. My cat put the unit to a drop and shock test unbeknownst to me. As I left it on the kitchen table and my cat thought it would make a great toy when I was out of the room. No damage from the drop nor was there even any type of appearance that it had been dropped. We get a lot of rain this time of year so I had it outside on the patio charging in the sun and one of those brief summer showers came on us suddenly. Other than a few raindrops on the unit there was no ill effects. I don't know if I could recommend leaving it in a rain all the time but it didn't seem too bothered it any. so the bottom line is this, it is a very nice power bank. I don't own a phone that charges wireless so I could not use that feature but I'm sure it works great. I believe, that this item is a good product for it price range. As with all products there's always room for improvement but I like the unit and I think anybody who purchase it would also like it."

Best Qi Solar Power Bank

If your phone has Qi wireless technology this is the best Qi solar power bank for you. it's a cool power bank but please do not use the fast charging mode as it is too sensitive It would take a very long time to charge using the solar panel I was pleasantly surprised by the Solar Bank Quick Charge. I was able to charge my S10 7 times before needing to charge it again. It is definitely a more powerful charging alternative than the smaller portable charger. Besides the standard port charging, there is also a wireless charging option. It works great and I love that it has a flashlight feature. It's also durable (feels similar to an Otterbox). And, I believe the solar charging option provides enough energy to last for a few days in the sun. Well built and portable. Read more . . .

it is a good size for traveling, works well, worth the price, I recommend. The solar panel is very convenient, and the wireless charging is very fast. I also like that it has a normal button on the back so that I can charge it completely off the solar power charger. I am a college commuter and this charger is great. It takes 50 hours to charge my phone to full battery, which is good for about a day's travel. It also has a USB-C port if you want to charge it more quickly. It charges my phone about 2-3 times before needing to recharge. Read more . . .

Type C Solar Power Bank

The BLAVOR Solar Power Bank is one of the few with a Type C USB port. it's well made and pretty cool looking. If you want a battery bank with a flashlight you should really get this one. This is a perfect example of why wireless charging is so useful. It also works as a led lamp by pressing and holding the power button. You can charge it by plugging it in using your phone or plugging it in using a cable. It also has a USB-C port if you want to charge it by solar. It charges my phone 2-3 times before needing to be recharged. It is about the size of an iphone X and very thick. It feels very durable although I am not sure how long it would take to charge by solar. Read more . . .

Type C charging is faster than the older Type A and B. it's rugged, the lights are super bright, the usb type c is recommended, the solar charging is, of course, recommended, but very handy to have in a pinch. I have used many powerbanks in the past but none as good as this one. The 2 main reasons I bought this powerbank was for the solar charging (I like to camp) and the wireless charging which I had not seen on the powerbank yet. The solar charging workes well there is a green light that lights up letting you know you are using the sun to recharge the powerbank. Read more . . .

Solar Power Bank with Compass

if you buy a BLAVOR Solar Power Bank you will get many extra features such as a compass and a flashlight. it's a good battery pack, good for outdoors, light weight, well designed. I wouldn't change my rating at all. This is a fantastic little back up. I have this on my emergency checklist and when I need to charge up my phone it takes less than 5 hours to charge. It doesn't have to be solar to charge, just be aware of the solar energy. I love that it has a flashlight too which is helpful when you are filling out paperwork at night or need to find something in the truck it is. It helps you always keep your phone charged. This thing is awesome! The solar charging is a great feature, it kinda reminds me of a USB battery but much smaller. Read more . . .

BLAVOR Solar Power Bank In Conclusion

It's not super battery powered but it works fine and I think it's a cool feature to have in emergency situations. This charger is great for any situation where you are outdoor and it’s handy because you can charge it on the go if you please and there is no waiting for a plug in. I love that it has a flashlight too so when I am hiking outdoors it’s just a couple of lights to start off with. It’s easy to charge and very easy to get back into charging mode. It’s also durable and has a hard case shell. Haven’t broken it yet but so far it is holding up. I’m going to pay to get it replaced but so far it is holding up great. Check out BLAVOR Solar Power Bank on Amazon now

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