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Last updated - Oct 8th 2020 by: Protheus
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Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights - 27 Ft Vintage Edison Bulbs Create Bistro Ambience On Your Patio - Commercial Grade, Shatterproof - 1W LED, Soft White Light

About Brightech Ambience Pro

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We believe the Brightech Ambience Pro is an excellent string light. During our testing we started to love the Brightech Ambience Pro because we realized how many exceptional features it got. The Brightech Ambience Pro is produced and sold by a company called Brightech but the item is shipped from a nearby Amazon fulfillment center which makes for faster and safer delivery.

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Specification for Brightech Ambience Pro

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Best Cafe Ambiance String Lights

Take the chance to enhance the ambiance of your patio, pergola, porch or deck with the best cafe ambiance string lights from Brightech. I wish the bulbs were a bit brighter, but that's not a problem for most people. The bulbs are plastic , which is great for weatherproofing. Finally, I love that the solar panel has the ability to turn on and off, unlike in other solar lighting. These lights are very nice. They give a nice amount of light for ambiance, don't except the same old white light that comes on every night. I especially like that the solar panel has the ability to turn them on and off, unlike in other solar lighting. I press the power button on the solar panel and hold the button down for a few seconds so they turn on and then turn off. I hope that this ability to turn them on and off is permanent, because otherwise they would go out every night.

bright for price, heavy duty wiring, etc. These lights are awesome. They give off great light, but not too bright! I tested the brightness and it is perfect! I bought a second string to light up even more. Would definitely recommend to who is looking for some nice patio ambiance lights! We live on the ocean and were looking for some weatherproof lights. Solar works out perfect so we don't have to pay the electric bill. The strand was long enough that it covered the entire top. The light was not to bright but instead a soft white light. We bought a second set to light the fish tank.

Outdoor Cafe Ambiance String Lights

The Brightech Ambience Pro is really made for outdoor installation with it's weatherproof materials and construction. I am very happy with these lights, they are not cheaply made, they are actually very sturdy and made of good quality. I would highly recommend these to anyone. I bought these about a month ago and only recently had the time to install them. When I opened the box I was surprised how small the solar panel was and was convinced I had been "taken" and was upset I had not opened them earlier and returned the defective ones. I already had hooks on my porch from some older lights so I strung these up and mounted the solar panel half-heartedly early in the morning, it took all of 15 minutes to string the lights, mount the panel and connect it. I didn't put much thought into installation as I was convinced they were junk.

The cafe string light installation has been tested in extreme weather conditions and always held it's ground. I would definitely buy these again. I have had other solar string lights before, mostly for weddings, they are not very bright and make it hard to see where you are going. This solar lights are bright and a nice warm glow, they last all night until the sun comes up. I bought these to light up the path in the yard before I take my dogs out at night. I like the look of the solar panel. It fits my fence perfectly. I clipped the solar panel to the top of a dogear post and it pointed directly at the sun that morning. It was exactly what I wanted - a nice warm glow for the yard.

Flexible Cafe Ambiance String Lights

Since you do not need to plug the string lights into any power outlet they are easy to place virtually anywhere. if you are looking for very bright lighting, this probably aren't for you, but if you are looking for very soft lighting - these probably are for you, but if you are looking for 11 to 18 hours of light - these probably are not for you, either. If you are looking for very bright, we recommend going with the 6w lights that come with the 24 w LED patio lamp. They are both very good lights, and I especially like that they are not tied to any kind of mechanical component. They shine brightly even after the solar panel is off the panel, and the clip is secured to the panel with some kind of Velcro connection.

As proof of the high quality of the Brightech Ambience Pro, Brightech offers a three year product warranty. The solar panels are great, they power up the lights automatically, and they are a cinch to install. The solar panel comes with a clip option instead of just the garden stake, and the clamp option instead of just the garden stake. As far as I can tell, the switch on the solar panel is sturdiest to use, and the panel itself is very well made, tough, and features a built-in clip. To me, the cherry on top, the solar panel comes with a lot of utility, and the included 2 Watts bulbs are just great.

Brightech Ambience Pro In Conclusion

These lights are great for backyard gatherings with friends, they are not for reading or barbecuing. I’m very happy with this purchase. I would recommend this brand to anyone and also purchase more for the next yard project. These lights are great! I use them to replace our normal plug in lights. They look just like the pictures, except they are made of plastic and not glass. I love them!! These lights are awesome!! They replace all other lights in our neighborhood with these solar lights. They are bright and a nice warm glow but not too yellow looking like most solar lights. I put them around my car port. They charge all night long and come on at sunset. Check out Brightech Ambience Pro on Amazon now

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