Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights Review

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
Last updated - Oct 13th 2020 by: Protheus
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About Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights

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We think that the Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights is one of the top rated deck light. And we loved testing the Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights because it had so many excellent features. The Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights is manufactured by Dekugaa, the shipping is handled by Amazon through their "Fulfilled by Amazon" program, giving you faster and safer deliveries.

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Specification for Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights

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Best Solar Ground Lights

We think that the Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights are the best on the current market. awesome product; excellent light show, cost x benefit; lights shine bright, easy to assemble/install; and excellent brightness. Happy to purchase!! The assembly and installation was. Super easy! I was blown away with the brightness of these little lights. I’ve had so many compliments from neighbors and friends. These solar lights are designed perfectly for easy install in the drive way or backyard. Plug and play, with right level of brightness, looks great after I installed them in the backyard. To light up my driveway path & my back yard. I love the lights and my neighbors love them as well. I would order again, my yard is beautiful. It’s a great light to put in front of your house.

These light can easily be placed in the ground to light up a pathway, sidewalk, lawn or corridor. -Look cute and sweet in lawn- just put them in the ground and you are done!-They charge by the sun during the day and automatically come on at night. So far love it and highly recommend them for their beautiful bright lights and easy to assemble and insert into lawn. I love these lights! They are perfect for our gardens! They are very bright and easy to put together. All lights are functioning and delicious. I loved them so much that I bought two sets! I used these to light up our rock walkway to our front door and along the side yard. They are very bright and easy to install. I used them in the garden and it helped us see the plants.

Disk Shaped Solar Ground Lights

We just love the low profile of the disk shaped ground light and how sublime and stylish they look. Install these solar lights into your ground about 6 ft. They give the yard a nice appearance and make my yard look fantastic at night. We are very impressed with the lights. They were easy to assemble and place in the ground. The brightness is perfect, bright enough to see the plants without being too bright. The solar lights automatically turn on at night and turn off in daytime so you don’t trip on them, two rusted pieces of plastic standoffs gasket failed. So far love it and highly recommend it this 8-pack solar light. This make my backyard so beautiful and bright, my neighbor love it and they will buy it as well This the awesome set. These are the best solar lights I had so far. In the past, what I had were broken easily and wont stand up after some time.

Great outdoor walkway lights, give a nice warm appearance and not too bright either. Hopefully not stopping anyone in their tracks. These are so perfect for my patio, They made my patio pretty and bright. They are easy to put together and look great at night. I love that they are flush with the ground so you don’t trip on them, dogs won’t knock them out of the ground, easier to mow around and also just looks really fancy to have them subtly in the ground! Love these. I just built a new walkway to a fireplace patio I also just put it. I put several in a row along one side of the walkway.

Efficient Solar Ground Lights

The Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights are made from high quality stainless steel and use high quality solar cells for high efficiency. Great set of lights, but One had a slight defect and it didn’t work. I emailed their customer service and a replacement was sent. I like the product, I love the customer service. Solar lights are great,The yard lights I bought at home used to have plugs,The arrangement is particularly simple and directly inserted into the soil The majority of the lights worked great except for two When you purchase a product for the first time it should be perfect in working condition. They need to send me two additional lights. Popped out 2 of the outer screws, drilled a small hole in the plastic, replaced screws with longer screws and it works great on a 4.

The design of the ground lights also make them viable to be built into decks or stairs for example. Easy to assemble, large enough, and durable. Give them a try, you will be so happy Real happy with these lights for several reasons: 1. The stake is actually attached to the lights, so it doesn’t disappearing the ground like usual lights 2. They are low to the ground and thus not in the way. 3. They are super bright. 4. Very affordable for the product you get! 5. Easy to create attractive pathway and light up your property. Only con was one wasn’t soded right, but my husband could redo it properly himself, so they all work well now.

Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights In Conclusion

These lights are great for what they are, low to the ground solar lights. They are waterproof, and work great under any weather conditions. Will be ordering more! I love these lights! They are SOOO good. They look amazing and are really simple to install. However, there are only some tiny cons to this light. First, there is the spike for this light. They are cheap flimsy plastic. Mine got puncture holes through which the lights came in contact with the ground. These lights are not the brightest but are sufficient to shine up onto the house which was my hope. Also, the lights were cheap flimsy so it bent easily. I hope these will be more sturdy so it won't break. Check out Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights on Amazon now

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