Halloween Pumpkin String Lights Review

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Last updated - Oct 9th 2020 by: Protheus
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Halloween Pumpkin String Lights Eurus Home 20 ft 30 LED Halloween Lights | Solar Powered Pumpkin Lights with 8 Lighting Modes Jack-O-Lantern Decorative Lights for Indoor Outdoor Halloween Party IP65

About Eurus Home String Lights

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We believe the Eurus Home String Lights is one of the top rated string light. During the testing we really started to like the Eurus Home String Lights more and more and it is now one of our favorites. The Eurus Home String Lights is produced and sold by a company called Eurus Home and is fulfilled by Amazon, which means they are responsible for the shipping and all standard Amazon shipping rates and policies are guaranteed.

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Specification for Eurus Home String Lights

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Best Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

Halloween is coming up and we have done extended research to find the best halloween pumpkin string lights. ) These are great lights, keep them in stock and ready to go when you need them. So pleased! The solar power works great, even though it’s rained everyday for the past month that I’ve had these up. These solar pumpkin lights are so cute. And they are heavy and nice quality...not cheap and light. Our daughters both have them on their balconies of their apartments...one likes the flashing feature and the other uses the solid-lit option. They arrived promptly and in great condition. Great seller! Compare with battery operated string light, I have more fun with solar string light, I can just put them outside and need not change batteries frequently. Used these on my porch during October.

) Buyer service was excellent–refreshingly so. 8-10 hrs on end for a scare, depending on the intensity of sunlight. This string light is so cute. It looks exactly the same as the picture shown. Easy installation. The solar power works by photovoltaic effect where the solar cells convert sunlight into direct electric current. The solar cell transfer sunlight to direct electric, when evening comes, darkness sets in, and the conversion of sunlight stops. The photoreceptor detects the darkness and turns on the lights. The battery now powers the string lights.

Outdoor Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

This string light from Eurus Home is well suited for outdoor use. This string light is so cute. It looks and works well on a ladder, even with photovoltaic effect I bought them last year and i used these to put in my yard for Halloween party I held. Most LEDs were simply not bright enough. THESE are PERFECT! Even in bright sunlight, they shine right thru! They even BLINK in patterns! The lights are spiraled around and around the railing, from the top to the edge of the wide brim.

Besides being weather proof the string light is also easy to install since there are no wires and you do not need any power outlet. ) These work well, even though they are solar powered. The solar cell transfers sunlight to direct electric, when evening comes, when it matters. Best Buy! Used these on my porch during October. Can take outdoor weather, need to Have solar unit in the sun. Very cute. Will use them again next year. Just the right size for my porch and easy to setup. Nice bright green, not too bright. Enjoy using them.

Versatile Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

You will get eight different lighting modes from the Eurus Home String Lights and we are sure you will find at least one of them suited to your needs. They are so cute. They are solar powered,and do a good job of evoking Halloween. Wonderful lights. They are still hanging on our blue spruce until Thanksgiving. Thanks. They are exactly what I was looking for Halloween, I like the fact they are solar powered,I put them in my front lawn and don’t have to run a power cable,as long as there is sun, or even partial sun, they work well with different modes. Very cool solar lights. No need to run extention cord to plug the lights, it uses solar battery.

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