Maggift Retro Solar Lantern Review

"It's kind of like a jack-o-lantern, you see bright infrared light coming from cloud-free areas, but where there are clouds, it's really dark in the infrared. – Michael Wong"
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Maggift 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Retro Hanging Solar Lantern with Handle, 6 Lumens, White

About Maggift Retro Solar Lantern

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We believe the Maggift Retro Solar Lantern is the best rated solar lantern. We loved the testing of the Maggift Retro Solar Lantern in the lab because it had so many nice features. The Maggift Retro Solar Lantern is manufactured and sold by MAGGIFT and is fulfilled by Amazon, which means they are responsible for the shipping and all standard Amazon shipping rates and policies are guaranteed.

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Specification for Maggift Retro Solar Lantern

  • Made of iron (white finish) and plastic, it is a decorative light so the light is subtle and soft, the ambient glow fills the area with calmness and beauty, rustic looking style hanging solar lights can be as a fine landscape accessory. 2 Pack, the warm white LED is 6 lumens for added brightness. Measures: 6 x 6 x 6.7 inches. The surface of the lantern is deliberately designed as an ancient effect, NOT QUALITY DEFECT. IF YOU MIND, PLEASE DO NOT BUY.
  • Powered by solar, the lanterns automatically turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn, saves energy. There is the switch ON/OFF on the lantern cover, make sure you TURN ON button before charging.
  • Can be hung on porches, trees, pergolas with the hang ring or rested on a table top, ledge. Add elegance and color to your patio, porch or outdoor space with this beautifully crafted solar powered lantern. Perfect for Christmas.
  • Each lantern includes 1 AAA 400mAh NI-MH battery, when getting enough sunlight, the lantern will be turned on automatically and can last for 8 hours or more at night.
  • When you receive solar lights, please press ON button then place the light cover upside down at the table to keep them in the darkness to check whether the lights will light up or not. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: With 180 days product warranty, if you have any questions, please contact us, we would be more than happy to assist.

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Check out Maggift Retro Solar Lantern at Amazon now

Best Retro Solar Lantern

If you are searching for a vintage looking lantern we think that the best retro solar lantern comes from Maggift. love these, I think theyre gorgeous, and at night they come alive, casting a pretty pattern of light. I removed the solar cap and put them in the sunshine 8 hours per day. They light up very well and appear to be well made, with a vintage look. I may buy more of these. Very pretty and lightweight, so they can hang on a garden stake or branch without fear of the weight breaking the branch or causing the garden stake to lean too much forward. It is a pretty light pattern they emit and a decent amount of light I think. They look gorgeous. I have eight of them hanging on a tree in my front yard and every time I drive up to the house when it is dark they just look beautiful.

Really good product. Lightweight, well-made, gorgeous hanging from the corners of our back porch canopy. I ordered 2 sets, one set came in and I immediately placed them in full sunlight and hang them on shepherd hooks in our yard. I take them out when they get dark and set them on the table and they look great. I absolutely love these gorgeous solar lamps. I hung them up outside on my small flag pole stands and they are very bright I just wish they came in a larger size or that there were an option to buy one of these in a smaller size.

Retro Solar Lantern with Patina

The lantern is made from quality materials and has been designed to look old and a little worn for that authentic patina feel. Work fine but are an antique cream and gold color, not white. Paint or use them if they get too rusty or if they get caked in mud or rain. These have been through several seasons and are still going strong. They are very bright and last all night long. I like the pattern they throw off on our deck and around our gardens. I also like the color of the light they throw off. I thought these would be small, but they are quite large, which I am pleased with. I think my wife ordered 4more so we can hang them in one of the trees. One of the lights doesn't come on and I can't find out how to contact the company to see if they sell just the solar lid.

Buy these lights, you will love them. I love these lights. They give off a beautiful pattern well into early morning. Would definitely recommend these solar lights to anyone looking for long lasting lights. Bought these lanterns as a gift, was pleasantly surprised how bright they shine and how beautiful they are. Great value for the price, highly recommend! This holds its battery really well. Still lit after dark until 5:30am when sun coming up. Literally all night lit. Pretty warm glow. Casts s now C’s glow and design of light. Ordered two more! Absolutely quaint lighting.

Auto ON/OFF Retro Solar Lantern

Once you have placed the lantern where you want it to be it is basically care free. Play nice with them, they shine very bright when under full sunlight. If you buy one, make sure you remove the top and put it in the sunshine to charge. I bought two sets, one at a time because I wanted them to look different but also because I wanted them to charge faster. When I got them, I set them outside and they were by far the brightest. I kept them outside for about 3 days to charge them fully and then I hung them on my garden stake and they look great outside. I even bought a second set after I started using the first set because I liked them so much. They are nice quality as they are made of metal and are quite sturdy.

The lantern will charge it self during the day with the solar energy from the sun and will turn it self automatically on when it gets dark. Solar lanterns work great, come on, sit on the porch, and you'll have a beautiful night! I love these beautiful lamps. I’ve had them for about three weeks, and they work well so far. I keep them on my patio for lighting at night. I recommend them highly. Really nice love em only downside is they need tons of sun so if you hang em they usually don’t get full sun n then won’t light at night but when in light they’re awesome The solar lanterns are not the kind of light you’d use to see by.

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