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Otdair Solar Security Lights, 3 Head Motion Sensor Lights Adjustable 70LED Flood Lights Outdoor Spotlights 360° Rotatable IP65 Waterproof for Porch Garden Patio Yard Garage Pathway, 2 Pack

About Otdair Solar Security Lights

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Our review: Otdair Solar Security Lights is our favorite security light. And we also had a good time testing the Otdair Solar Security Lights as it really exceeded our expectations. The Otdair Solar Security Lights is created by a company called Otdair but Amazon are responsible for the shipping and delivery "Fulfilled by Amazon" so Amazon will ship the item from a warehouse near you. This means added safety and faster delivery times for you, so we think that is good.

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Specification for Otdair Solar Security Lights

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Best 3 Head Solar Security Lights

We have looked at solar security lights with 3 heads and motion sensor. We found the Otdair Solar Security Lights to be the best in this category. Good quality, well constructed, well lit and operate with good design. I ordered this because it was a lightning deal of the day or something and I figured 2 lights for $40 isn't bad. I wanted one on the side of our outside home office because it's pretty dark in that part of the yard at night and sometimes we have to be out there. My husband put it on the corner of the dwelling to give light to both sides so the dogs could have light coverage. it's very bright, even if the day has been dreary. I marked it as 5 stars for easy to install because my husband did it, which made it easy for me. I think it was pretty easy for him though.

Solar Security Lights are a great solution to lighting an area without installing electrical hook ups for permanent lights.

360 Degree Rotatable Solar Security Lights

The center LED lamp unit is fixed but the two LED lamp units on each side can be rotated 360 degrees. Works great, Very bright, Very easy to install. I recommend this over the fixed motion lights it offers more options and more lighting flexibility. I went through many reviews for different solar security lights and found this one. The package arrived and I was pleased to see two units. This is easy to install with power screwdriver. I installed above back door and on top of three car garage driveway. It works perfect for me and it lights up reasonably well and bright. The sensor works very well, as I walk out my back door at night, it comes on automatically. We got this to provide security and visibility in our backyard. It's nice to get two! Lights are very bright and come on quick. Right now we just have it sitting on the pool heater.

Solar security light with built-in rechargeable battery (2200m. Ah) ensures full charge at all times. If you’re looking for something easily to charge, I recommend this. I am very satisfied with my purchase easy to install and bright I love them I will definitely be getting some more. i love itits pack of two one of them is enough to lighten my backyardmotion detected me from almost 25 feet it's perfect i never walk in the dark anymore One of the best Solar Security Lights I've purchased. I've tried 4 different motion lights in the last two years and Otdair lights are best.

High Capacity Rotatable Solar Security Lights

One of the very best features of the Otdair Solar Security Lights is the capacity. The 2200 m. Ah rechargeable battery make sure that the security lights will last the whole night. Works great, easy to install, put out a good amount of light and the motion sensor works great. If you’re looking for something easily to install and don’t have to worry about paying additional utility bill, I strongly recommend this. I was surprised to see how bright a solar light could be. We had some solar lights in the past from many years ago and they just didn't seem to be bright enough so I was skeptical. I think that the technology must have come a long way since then. They are bright enough to be like spot lights on one day's charge. They are actually so bright that we had to consider where we wanted to put them as to not be so bright that they would be distracting.

Works great, easy to install, great value for the money. Works great, easy to install. I like the rotation of the side lights. It can be adjusted and directed where you want it. These are very compact and have 3 way flexibility of the lights, solar panel is on top and adjustable as well, for being compact (about 7x5 inches) these have very bright output, blinding in fact. My regular carport light went bad and this is a perfect alternative that comes with mounting bracket and no need to run power to it.

Otdair Solar Security Lights In Conclusion

Solar secuirty light, fully automatic, works for both front and rear doors. I ordered these for out at my chicken coop in attempt to deter any predators. The coop is at the back of our 1 acre lot and there is no electricity out there. They pick up motion from about 20ft away and are decently bright, one lights up the entire run area. I was skeptical of their capabilities, I haven’t been impressed with solar motion lights in the past but I would buy these again. LEDs are off until motion is detected, so power usage is extremely low. This is good for my mounting location that gets very little sunlight and not so much motion. Check out Otdair Solar Security Lights on Amazon now

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