The Best Camping Solar Power Kits

  • Aug 1st 2018

By far, the easiest way to go solar is to buy a complete solar power kit. When you get a complete solar power system you do not have to worry about the different components compatibility. All parts will simply fit and work well together. The downside is that you will lose some freedom of choice. For example, you might like the solar power system package as a whole but not the included solar panel. If you are inclined to put together the best camping solar power kit yourself, we have written a lot of articles about the separate components: The Best Generators for Camping, The 5 Best Solar Panel Chargers for Camping and The Best MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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  3. Comparison table
  4. Go Power! Weekender
  5. ECO-Worthy 100 Watt
  6. WindyNation 100 Watt
  7. ECO LLC 100 Watt
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This article will focus on the best camping solar power system starter kits. We have looked at systems around 100-150W. Most of them can easily be upgraded and they way you upgrade is to add more solar power panels and eventually batteries. The other components, charge controller and inverter are usually over-dimensioned and can scale easily to larger systems. Almost all the solar power system brands in this article offer larger kits, up to 400-500W, but we wanted to compare the smaller starter kits.

What parts make up a complete camping solar power kit

  1. Solar panels - harvests the energy from the sun
  2. Charge controller - controls the charge of the batteries
  3. Battery - stores the energy for later use
  4. Inverter - converts the power to 110V AC
NOTE: We have actually not found a single system that has met all the above criteria that are also of high quality and offers expandability. So make sure to look under the cons for each solar power kit, this is where we have listed these shortcomings.

Comparison Table

Go Power! Weekender

The Weekender SW kit is designed for anyone that would like the benefit of solar power to charge their batteries, and the ability to use AC appliances when there is no utility power available. For example you can use the solar panels for camping fridges, microwave, TV, blender, sound equipment, computers and more. The Weekender kit contains a 160 Watt solar charging kit and a 1500 Watt pure sine wave inverter system. The Weekender includes everything you need to hook the solar and inverter system up to your batteries and install the solar panel on a flat surface. The Weekender is great for charging your RV, boat, cottage and cabin batteries, while providing you with AC power without the noise of a generator or the fuel and maintenance cost that goes with it. The kit is expandable by adding up to two GP-RV-160E expansion kits (each sold separately). This allows you to take advantage of available sunlight for faster charging and added capacity. Go Power! recommends at least a 200 Ah battery bank for the Weekender SW kit.


Solar charger: 160 watts / 8.6 A
Inverter: 1500 watt industrial pure sine wave
Charge controller: 30 A
Inverter fuse/cable kit and remote
30 amp pre-wired transfer switch
All mounting hardware included


  • High quality
  • Great support
  • Good warranty
  • Can accept 2 solar expansion kits


  • Pricey
  • No battery included

Check out Go Power! Weekender on Amazon

ECO-Worthy 100 Watt

ECO-Worthy is a stand alone solar system kit except that it does not have any inverter. The kit contains: one 100W Mono Solar Panel, a 20A PWM charge controller with LCD Display, Solar Cable with MC4 Connectors and one 100 Ah 12V battery. ECO-Worthy claims to be the perfect choice for off grid solar system packages. A good thing with the system, that we really like, is that you can easily expand your system up to a maximum of 400W by adding 3 more solar panels. The solar charger have a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the solar panel to last for decades as well as withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).


Solar charger: 100W, 17.9V, 5.78A
Charge controller: 20A PWM with LCD Display
Battery: 100AH, 12V Lead Acid
30ft Cable with MC4 Connectors


  • Battery included
  • Affordable
  • Expandable


  • Weak battery
  • No mounting hardware included
  • No inverter inculded

Check out ECO-Worthy 100 Watt on Amazon

WindyNation 100 Watt

The Windy Nation 100 Watt solar charging kit comes with everything you need to start producing free, clean power from the sun! Perfect for RV's, boats, cabins and back-up power. It does however lack an inverter. The off grid solar system package contains: one 100 Watt solar panel, a user adjustable 30A charge controller with LCD and a BattaMax AGM deep cycle 12 volt battery. All necessary MC4 Connectors for wiring, and all the necessary mounting hardware is also included in the kit. We think that this is one of the best camping solar power kits if you already have an inverter or if you simply do not need one. The system is also highly expandable, you can add three more solar panels for the 12V battery. You might however want to add more batteries if you have that many panels.


Solar charger: 100W
Charge controller: 30A PWM
Battery: 100Wh AGM Deep Cycle 12 V
Mounting hardware included


  • Battery included
  • Affordable
  • Highly expandable


  • Weak battery
  • No inverter inculded

Check out WindyNation 100 Watt on Amazon

ECO LLC 100 Watt

ECO LLC's solar panel consists of 36pcs, 126mm x 126mm polycrystalline silicon solar cells, which provide maximum power in a small module size. The solar generator got a Battery Management System (BMS) which prevents over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature which will give you and your devices complete protection. The solar generator features a handle, an aluminum alloy shell and built-in input/output port with sturdy plastic to make it safer and smoother to run. This is the only 100% complete off grid solar system kit we have found and you do not need to buy anything extra. It is however not as powerful and efficient as the other systems in this article. For example, the generator can not power appliances over 300W. Still we think that ECO LLC is one of the best portable solar power system for camping.


Solar charger: 100 W, 18 V, 5.5 A
Charge controller: Built in BMS
Battery: 400 Wh, 12 V
Inverter: Built in, 300 W


  • 100 % complete system
  • Highly portable
  • USB output


  • Only 300 W max output
  • Not expandable

Check out ECO LLC 100 Watt on Amazon


We have not found a 100% complete camping solar power system that is also expandable and offers a high level of quality. So deciding which is the best camping solar power kit for you, depends on if you already have any of the needed components or if you value portability over expansion options. We think the best stand-alone solar system kit is Go Power! Weekender because of it's outstanding quality and all you have to do is add a generator or battery. If you want portability and don't want to buy anything extra we can recommend the ECO LLC 100 Watt which is an excellent portable solar system for camping.